April 2019 Pet of the Month - Onyx

Onward Onyx
It’s been really rough for me. I was adopted twice for 2 years each and both times my families encountered obstacles that required me to return to the shelter. The first time, my people moved and said they could not take me with them. This recent family crisis was a divorce and though my mom wanted to keep me, I was alone (and crated) up to 15 hours a day. That’s no life for any dog, so she tearfully brought me back so that I could be in a better home with people who had time to spend with me. I’m now about 5 years old, housebroken and know many commands which I execute flawlessly to the delight of everyone I meet.

Even though I can look tough from certain angles, my ever-present smile and funny duck- feet give me a bit of a comical clown appearance that puts people at ease. Even when I roll on my back and open my giant pink mouth like an alligator, I am very gentle and take treats gingerly.

My worst habit is getting very excited to see people and jumping on them in an attempt to land doggies kisses on their faces. We’re always working on that, but visitors find it charming and reach out to me which encourages me to do it more!

I weigh about 55 lbs. My seal-skin coat is shiny and smooth – you will see very little shedding from me. I’m a great age for many families, adults and kids alike.