August 2019 Pet of the Month - Journey

Journey Man!

Born on Valentine’s Day, I’m the very definition of a sweetheart. My brother Phil and I were surrendered by our owner who had to move to a place where big dogs aren’t allowed. I can’t help being big. I don’t really throw my weight around, although it does take a few minutes to get me calmed down for a nice walk because I’m so excited to go. Phil was adopted and I’m happy for him, but now it’s my turn and the waiting is driving me nuts! 

I love people and people love me but not every-one wants a big dog. And I can’t help it that I’m big. Big is beautiful. Big means I don’t always need as much exercise as those lean, mean huntin’ and sportin’ dogs need. Don’t get me wrong...I’ll walk as far and as long as you like, but I’m also happy to nuzzle with you, sit and be stroked and hang out pool-side on a hot summer day.

As much of a beefcake that I am, my thick brindle coat gives me the regal carriage of a lion. At two years old, I have all the great qualities people want in a dog. I’m housebroken, know basic commands and look people in the eye with a soft and affectionate gaze that puts them at ease. Even when I look quite goofy, you can offer me treats and I take them like a gentleman. 
I’m enough dog for any home, but could be paired with a calm and confident dog with the proper introduction. Cats are a different story. They get my dander up and I don’t think I 
would be a good choice for a home with cats. 

Email: if you would like to meet Journey!