July 2018 Pet of the Month - Kira

Come for Kira!

I’ve been here for a while now and have met a lot of people of all ages, but for some reason I just am not the dog that they choose in the end. I'm just a wee bit too energetic for most people. OK...I admit it, I’m off the charts! But that makes me a good match for another equally energetic dog or even an older dog who needs a spark in their life and a kick in the butt! 

Several dogs have some to meet me and I’ve welcomed each and every one with a twirl and a whirl and an invitation to give chase and play. Not once have a growled or snapped, because I make friends easily.

Kids have met me and although I spend the first few minutes searching for toys to toss around, I eventually notice the people and jump on most of them with enthusiasm. I’ve been told that is not always what they are seeking in a dog but I have a hard time staying calm at my very young age. I’m just a baby really...not even 2 years old and people are expecting me to be perfect when I spend most of my time in a cage. All it’s going to take is some exercise and training to harness my unbridled energy.

With my adorable looks and 40-lb size, I will catch your eye. I will also catch a tennis ball over and over again if you will come and take me to the play yard. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for you.