October 2018 Pet of the Month - Nila aka Sadie

Too Pretty to Ignore

I got myself into hot water by wrecking the house when I was alone too long! I had been adopted lickety-split, but returned for investigating closed drawers, opening doors and knocking the TV over. We were all sad about it and now I need a new home ... one where there is a person around who can give me more time and exercise.

With my compact size – about 40 lbs – and beautiful features, I captivate many people, but the tomboy in me doesn’t allow me to be a couch potato. At around 3 - 4 years old, I’m a real prize being housebroken, sitting on command, looking my handlers in the eyes and being treat-oriented for ease of training.

I’ve been at a busy event greeting lots of people. My ideal family would be with active adults and older children. 

I’m not too fond of other dogs up close and personal, but mostly I just ignore them.

Once in a while when walking, I will put on the brakes and stop in place. The walkers have caught on to this and toss treats a few feet ahead of me to get me going again. They give me lots of attention, but it can’t compare to a real home, so please come meet me and let me show you my stuff.

I was named Nila when I first got here. My first adopters called me Sadie. You can give me any name you want and we can call it a fresh start.

Email:  sandraschiller3008@gmail.com