November 2017 Pet of the Month - Grace


I’m a very lucky dog because the police stepped in to save me from an abusive owner. Another young dog and myself had been witnessed by neigh-bors being beaten and strangled and they called the police.

When I got to the shelter, I was very skinny and I gobbled food so fast, they couldn’t remember if they had fed me or not. Now with a few pounds gained and looking gorgeous, I am happy to sit for treats and I’m waiting for a chance at a  new home and family to love.

At only around 8 months old, I’m a big puppy with beautiful markings that hint at shepherd and mastiff. 

I go nuts every morning when the people come in because I’m so frantic from being in a kennel for so long. I jump and squirm for my breakfast and to go outside and relieve myself. I can’t “hold” it for those 10-12 hours and my kennel is soiled which is awful for me to be around, but I know I could be potty-trained quickly if I only had a normal daily dog routine.

I’m a teensy bit shy when I meet new people. but that doesn’t  last long. My dream owner would be an active person or family who wants to go for long walks, jogs and spend time teaching me all the things a young dog needs to know. Being a quick study, it won’t take me very long at all.