February 2020 Pet of the Month - Homer

Homing in on Homer

I'm a beautiful specimen with the speckles and body of a sporting dog and the brawny face of a bully. It would be no surprise to see Brittney or some spaniel in my DNA, but so many people jump to the conclusion that I, like so many shelter dogs, are pit bulls based on first impressions alone. All of us "mutts" are of such a mix that severe health traits are severely diluted and our looks are totally unique! 

Age-wise, I'm still a baby at heart. Just about a year old and ready for some training. I'm a little mouthy at first, but quickly melt into the laps of people. Nothing scares me. I'm curious, playful and super affectionate. I am the last of 4 transports from another shelter down south and I'm ready to move on to bigger, better things with a new family. I may fit in with another equally energetic female dog who wants to play. I also visited with the cats recently and they did not get a rise out of me, even when they held one close to my nose. Of course, there has to be some ground rules in combining me, or any other dog with a cat, but it seems that a cat and I could be friends if introduced properly. I like kids, but may be a bit too much for kids under the age of 8.

My dream adopter would be an active bunch who have time for me to exercise and train. I would not be happy alone for 8 hours with nothing to do. My name is Homer ...  a home-body, seeking a home to filled with people who love me. 

Email:  sandraschiller3008@gmail.com