June 2017 Pet of the Month - Sammy

Sammy So Splendid

Never make assumptions! My mesmerizing eyes and intense look initially put people off. But over the last couple of weeks the iceberg has melted and I have warmed my way into almost everyone’s heart. They call me both Sammy and a Labrador-retriever mix, but I look so different depending on the angle you view me. From one side, I look like a lab. Turn my head slightly and I give off a “Boxer” vibe. From straight-on you may see some bully breed, and sometimes I look like a puppy!

At my young age, I haven’t learned how to walk nicely on leash. I’m strong and motivated to pull when I want to get somewhere, but the volunteers are working with me to improve my leash manners.

I love to interact with people, but I think I would overwhelm little kids. So adults and older kids is the best combination for me. 

I haven’t been keen on other dogs, but it’s more likely that I’d prefer the company of a non-aggressive female if the introduction was right. But I wouldn't mind being the one and only dog, either. I am one of those rare types who is able to chill for long periods in my kennel when all others are howling for attention. I did meet some cats recently and took a good whiff. My reaction was one of mild interest. I think that a dog-savvy cat and I could co-habitate without much difficulty at all.

I take treats gently, know basic commands and am very happy to hang out in the grass with people who have come to know me.

Email:  sandraschiller3008@gmail.com to eet Sammy