August 2017 Pet of the Month - Corbin

Adorable Corbin

I have traveled many miles from Tennessee to get here and I haven't yet won the heart of anyone outside of the volunteers, which is very sad because they have discovered I am a great dog! As a perfect Treeing Walker Coonhound specimen, my antics of "treeing" squirrels and leaping into the sky to snatch birds that I saw but could never reach became a leash management issue to my walkers. But since they introduced me to the gentle leader, I have become a model walker and I now know that when I see that funny groups of ribbons, that I'm going to be taken out for a walk. I am very compliant about them noosing up my nose and clipping the clasp behind my long velvety ears. I no longer struggle to get it off while we are walking. IN fact, the little bit of pressure on my snout is quite reassuring and It has changed my focus dramatically from leaping at birds and jumping around when cars go zooming by.

As a matter of fact, the volunteers have learned that I LOVE people and am always using my nose to investigate whoever is around me -- sometimes to their embarrassment and laughter, but always received in good spirit. I am so very gentle despite my large frame that I would be a great choice for families with kids. You can check out my ears and teeth, feet and tail and I don;t mind a bit.

At first it looked like I did not like other dogs because I squawked a lot when they walked by my kennel, but that has been debunked as well. I have met several dogs her and visiting dogs and we got on just fine. Why just the other day they paired me with little Rosie and we played and played till we tuckered each other out. It would be nice to share my life with another willing dog, but if all I get is people to hang with, that's OK with me, too.

Please come meet me and see what a charming, sweet, gentle, fabulous dog I have become.

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