June 2019 Pet of the Month - Big Ed

Too Big to Ignore!

Hi -- I'm Big Ed ... Eddie to my friends and I have a lot of friends here. They use words like "cool" and "chill" to describe my personality and they hang on for dear life when we're out for a walk, because I'm a BIG boy. I have pulling power but I'm not trying to drag you down. I just want to check everything out and I want company while I'm doing that. They have worked with me to slow me down. If I hear the word "stop", I stop with my walker and wait till I hear "heel" to get moving again.

My golden eyes will meet your with warmth and affection. My pink nose and lips form an adorable pucker of pleasure when people want to pet me. Now that I've adjusted to being here, I take treats more readily -- always sitting on command and offering up a paw. I know how things work! My girlfriend, Lilly and I were not living in a good situation. We were left alone for soooo long that sometimes the neighbor would have to come by to feed us. That's all behind us now while we bot sit and wait for an adopter to add us to their family. We are not a package deal and can be adopted separately, but in the meantime, Lilly and I enjoy walks and play time together.

At about 5 years old, I show the young dogs what it means to be a gentleman with people. I don't jump on them and push them around. I wait for an invitation and when beckoned, I happily plop my head in laps for a good face massage. Although I might sniff at the counter where the doughnuts sit, I have manners and do not try to snatch them.

With a little bit of help, I could learn to walk nicely on leash and that would bring me to the brink of perfection. Big is not bad...big is beautiful!

Email:  sandraschiller3008@gmail.com