January 2020 Pet of the Month - Ray Charles

A Ray of Sunshine

True to his namesake, Ray Charles is blind, but undaunted. The middle-aged chocolate lab has learned the route at his various stops including his foster home with 6 other resident dogs and the shelter, with its wire kennels, multiple doorways and expansive walking area. Yes, he bumped his nose a few times ad volunteers tried to steer him, and he learned to mark the path with his scent making it a dog-memory he could follow effortlessly.

Ray has been a ray of sunshine to many volunteers who find him easy to walk and loving attention. He is a low-energy boy currently at a good weight that might increase along with a prolonged length of stay. He trotted off with a potential adopter for a few hours, but his stress level at the new place, with the new people and the new dog and cat were more than Ray could handle. Growling his displeasure at his extreme discomfort, it was decided that Ray would integrate better into a less populated environment.

Ray Charles lies in his kennel on a carpet face forward listening for the next volunteer who will stop in and sit with him or leash him up to take him out. He is calm, good-natured, loves treats and would be a great addition to a home with senior people or just people without another dog. Although he harbors no ill-will towards other dogs when outside and around them, Ray is probably enough dog for anyone. Without his sight, a cat owner could host Ray Charles since there is little if any chance he would notice the cat unless it was dumb enough to rub itself right under his nose.