November 2019 Pet of the Month - Gabby

The Gift of Gabby

Pucker up, ‘cause I’m coming in for a smooch! I have been one of the lucky ones to be transported from S.C. But I am anxious to move on to a real home and family that will love me.
With my cinnamon coat and golden eyes, I am an adorable package just about 45 lbs. My underbelly gives me away as having been a new mom before my arrival. Now, I’m a major-league wiggle-butt with a constantly wagging tail and happy to be in the presence of people.

I have been to a few offsite events where I get to meet and greet people of all ages. At my worst, I jump on people with unbridled enthusiasm, but mostly I just flip over for some belly rubs and lick faces whenever it is least expected.

My age has been estimated between 2 and 4, but many here think I’m even younger than that with my clean teeth and puppy-like appearance.

I pull on leash walks initially but settle down after a few minutes. I would make a great walking partner for someone and an even better cuddle-bug. 

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