October 2017 Pet of the Month - Rosie

Really Rosey!

As one who has been abandoned, I have developed some trust issues. I was about 9 months old when I arrived at the shelter after my owner left me with a friend and never returned. My life, though short, has not been filled with the usual training, exercise, and love that most “dog people” think about and provide when they look for a new companion.

The volunteers were surprised by my outbursts at them when they stood at my kennel. They learned to take it slow and once I got to know each of them, I was the adorable angelic girl they all saw deep within me.

I have not been properly introduced to many new things and am easily spooked, but one by one I am learning all about the many things and people around and am getting better every day. 

My bald little butt, due to flea dermatitis, is now covered with a velvety black coat. My petite square face is irresistible when I lock eyes with people and I sit at the speed of light when offered a treat. I may not be the perfect dog for everyone, but for people who are willing to take the time to get to know me, I’m as lovable and darling as you will find anywhere. I have played with some of the dogs here and have made many volunteers smile and laugh. Please give me a chance to win you over, too.