May 2018 Pet of the Month - Hero

Looking for a Real Hero?

If you’re looking for a Hero, I’m looking for a savior. Despite the many times I have been shown to potential adopters, there always seems to be a reason why they pass me up and choose a different dog or no dog at all.

I have all the qualities of a fine companion...I’m playful and friendly with people of all ages. I am very treat-driven and will sit on a dime for the most meager of offerings. I love tennis balls and will trade for a reward. I can also catch them in mid-air if you aim a little and give me a heads-up!

I’m approximately 2 years old, have that wide bulldog head, the brindle coat of a boxer, and weigh about 60 lbs.

Although I am not fond of other dogs, for the most part I ignore them and am perfectly willing to turn around and walk away from them.

I am much improved walking on leash and I look forward to my walks with the volunteers.

My mouth is gentle when taking treats and I love attention returning the affection the volunteers shower on me with kisses to their chins.

There is no question that you would be my Hero if you made me your Hero.