December 2018 Pet of the Month - Arnold

Arnold PAWmer

Big paws, furrowed brow and impressive in size, I’m a 2-year-old, toy-seeking, fun-loving, bull-in-a-china-shop kinda guy.

After being hauled in from another state by a dog-loving volunteer intent on my finding a happy home, it has been a real adventure for me. All sorts of volunteers have been dragged around by my leash, but they have all enjoyed my company. My good nature and soul-searching eyes tug at their heartstrings even when I’m tearing up a plush toy right in front of them.

I have the looks of a yellow labrador retriever from many angles, with a couple of distinct wrinkles on my forehead. Could there be Shar-pei in my lineage that makes me look quite studious? 

Whatever my mix might be, it adds up to one handsome specimen with strength to match my sociable temperament. Nothing much fazes me. I’m comfortable around most every person and have had a few dog buddies along the way. 

I started out as a stray and when a found a farm with people who took an interest in me, I stuck around as long as I could, but they couldn’t keep me. They had kids and three dogs and although they thought the world of me, they let me go knowing that other people would fall in love with me. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but I have a good feeling that it’s gonna happen soon.