January 2018 Pet of the Month - Holly

I haven't been at this shelter long but if you have ever lived in a dog shelter and occupied a 10x10 cage with a concrete floor you know that any time spent is too long for a dog! So I'm hoping that you will come to meet me and fall in love at the very sight of me and take me home. I am such eye-candy that if I was a person, I'd surely be a model with my gorgeous face, deep red color and sinewy lines.

Nobody can say for sure if I am a pure breed or not, but from all indications, angles and views, I sure have all the markings of a redbone coonhound. The redbones are common in the south which is where I came from...a transplant from another shelter lucky enough to make my way up north where I am hoping to put down roots.

At the age of approximately 1-year-and-a-half, I find myself among other dogs that same age as we can be a handful at this stage in our lives and people give up on us instead of giving us what we need the most -- exercise and training. I myself will sit for any handheld treat at the speed of light. I also will bow after I sit just to get you to release that treat as soon as possible. People think that's really cute. 

I am a little high-strung being an active, vital, physically fit girl and will bark and howl hilariously for attention. I love people and jump on them to get them to pet me but I've been told that the people I wrap my legs around are not supposed to do that, so I'm blaming them for my lack of manners in that regard.

I've been paired with a few dogs who have come to visit and did OK with them. I just don't want another dog to jump on me and push me around. I will flash my pearly whites to those dogs who need a reminder.

Please stop by and say Hello Holly to me. You never know if we would be the perfect companions unless you do.