February 2019 Pet of the Month - Daisey

Daisey originally was a surrender from someone who found her as a stray and could not keep her. While she was in that home, Daisey got along famously with the other resident dog without any issues and the kids as well. At less than a year old, she was adopted about a month later and had been in her adopted home for about a year. The adopters experienced a big change in their jobs and sadly returned Daisey for being too active and needing "room to run" -- which boils down to her simply not getting enough time and exercise ... an absolute necessity for both her age and presumed breed mix. With her speckled legs and facial features, the best guess is that this 1-2-year-old is a border collie and/or shepherd mix, but that's only a guess. What she is without a doubt is a healthy, curious, active, energetic dog who has needs that must be met for her to be happy in her next home.

Daisey loves to play with other dogs and would be a good choice as a companion for another lively dog-lovin' dog. She is very outgoing and will not be happy sitting around without "work" or challenges to keep her occupied even though she seems to love everyone. Mental stimulation as well as physical activity are the keys to making "crazy Daisey" a calm and satisfied girl.

Email:  sandraschiller3008@gmail.com to meet Daisey