October 2019 Pet of the Month - Blaze

Smokin' Hot Blaze
Drop-dead gorgeous Blaze is the Tom Cruise of the shelter. Not only is he a specimen in physique and a beauty visually to behold, he is -- like Cruise -- every bit the daredevil ... daring volunteers to enter his kennel and leash him up while he acts like a devil, jumping on them, biting at the leash and using every bit of his newly-restored strength to get the hell out of his kennel. 

Blaze is ready to blaze new trails since recovering from near-death from Parvo. Upon arrival at Angel Ridge, the exuberant boxer-great dane mix (it's a rough guess) had a sudden decline within the first week of his stay noticed fortuitously by volunteers and staff in time to get the life-saving care he needed for more than a month. 

Now recovered in power and attitude, the approximately 1-year-old Blaze is not getting what he needs most as a young, fit, working dog ... exercise. It's obvious that Blaze wants attention desperately and that he means no real harm, but he's a big boy and knows how to throw his weight around. Once outside, he tends to settle down and walk nicely, but he could walk ten miles before he tires. Blaze needs an owner who is equally active and attentive to providing daily exercise, mental stimulation, a modicum of training and some well-deserved play time for this beautiful boy. Blaze is not a good fit for small children, at least not at his current age and size. Blaze is not gentle, but does not seem to harbor any aggression to people. He just has not been given the chance to strut his stuff...the good stuff that comes from caring people with time to help a young dog blossom.