September 2018 Pet of the Month - Conjure

Conjuring Kongo

I’ve had a few different names and some tough breaks, too. I had a family and my own little boy to look after, but we lost our home and were all living in a car. Now I’m in a kennel waiting for another family to ask me to join their pack. I was called Kong in my past life, but was renamed Conjure when I came to the shelter. Some call me Conjure and others call me Kongo. I don’t always answer to those names but I always answer to kissing sounds with kisses for those who spend time with me, walk me and pet me.

I’m a middle-aged, pot-bellied bulldog mix with a love for people and quick with a smile. I was a “comfort pet” for my family’s 8-year-old boy and I miss him. I am housebroken and prefer to have company most of the time. I would make a great companion for senior people who want a warm, furry head in their lap to stroke, or a walking buddy. I have a few moves that showcase my “big baby” side which has earned me a lot of coveted time with volunteers who find me irresistible. Come see for yourself.

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