Become a Guardian Angel

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is not only a shelter, but it is a sanctuary as well. Any animal that is not placed in a forever home is free to live out their entire life at our sanctuary. Animals with handicaps and elderly animals are less likely to be adopted than some of our younger animals without disabilities.

At any given time, approximately 40% of our animals are considered "harder to place." Most of these animals will eventually find a perfect home, but we must care for them for an extended period of time, sometimes a year or longer, until they adopted.

You can become a Guardian Angel to one of our handicapped or elderly animals. Your gift of $200 a year will provide food and routine veterinary care for these special angels. You may send your annual gift of $200 now, or we will remind you quarterly of your $50 quarterly gift. You can see pictures and descriptions of our animals below. You may choose your angel or we will select one for you to sponsor. Each Guardian Angel will receive a small framed picture of their Angel along with a personal note. A Guardian Angel sponsorship form can be printed from the Contribution/Guardian Angel Sponsorship Form page.


Monetary Donation

Donate Using Paypal

Donations from you allow us to continue to help the animals of Angel Ridge. You can use the Paypal donation link below to place a monetary donation to help the pets of Angel Ridge.

Our Wish List

Donate a Bed

"Have a Heart - Donate a Bed"

Click here to visit the Kuranda Website!!!

Santa, please bring Kuranda beds!

Our dogs sleep on sturdy Kuranda dog beds. Right now, we don't have enough for every dog. Some of the beds have beed damaged and need to be replaced. These beds are at the top of our Christmas list. We receive a discount if we order them from Kuranda. A large bed is about $60. If you would like to buy a bed, or contribute some money toward a bed, please mail a check to us and mark "dog bed". Hopefully, we can start the new year with a comfy bed for all of the pooches. Thank you!

Carol Grandmougin
Kuranda Dog Beds - Guaranteed Chewproof
DONATE A BED to a Shelter Dog

On-Site Fostering

On-site foster volunteers will choose a dog - or we can suggest one - and spend one or more days with the dog. They can groom, walk, play ball, or just generally "hang out". We will work with them to formulate a plan for their activities with their dog..

It is permissible to take the dog from the property to a special place, like the park or out for a burger. Depending on the available time that you can spend with your dog, we may assign 2 or 3 people to be foster parents. Times will have to be coordinated..

This is a valuable activity for the dogs that need more attention and activity. They will be more adoptable as a result.

Foster parents will be encouraged to take this involvement one step further and try to spread the good word about their foster dog to friends, at work, etc., and really try to find their angel a forever home..

Tree of Hope

Your monetary donation in honor of a loved one or in memory of one who has passed will keep our Angels happy and healthy and will also help us pay our expenses.

Our Angels Tree of Hope will hold a star ornament, with name inscribed, for each of the loved ones — human or pet — that you remember this very special way.

A card will be sent indicating that a donation has been made in honor or in memory of your loved one. This card can either be sent to your loved one or to you.

  • A $25 gift provides basic vaccinations for all incoming animals.
  • A $50 gift will enable us to buy a Kuranda dog bed.
  • A $75 gift will pay for a spay or neuter.
  • A $100 gift will keep our lights on for a month in our rescue office.
  • A $200 gift will provide dog food for our dogs for one week.
  • A $500 gift will enable us to pay for an emergency surgery for a rescue dog that has been hit by a car or has another serious injury.


Our Volunteer Program

"The Animal Savior"

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter -
the castoffs of human society. I saw in their
eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness
and betrayal. And I was angry. "God," I said,
"This is terrible! Why don't You do something?"
God was silent for a moment and then He spoke.
"I have done something, " He replied. "I created You."

Jim Willis, from his book "Pieces of My Heart"

At Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, we rely on the kindness of our wonderful volunteers to help us to rescue these deserving animals. There are many ways to help. Below are some of the ways that volunteers can contribute to the care of our wonderful Angels, and have a great time with fellow animals lovers.

For more information on volunteering, please contact Rose:

Volunteers in Action

Belinda and Nancy cuddling

Disney getting a bath

One on one time for Sandy

Twelve Ways to Earn Your Wings as an Angel Volunteer

  1. Grooming and "One-on-One" Time

    Grab a brush and leash and make an angel feel like they are so very special by giving your time and love to them. There are lots of fun places for the two of you to stretch your legs or sit awhile at Angel Ridge. Take your pick — dogs, cats and horses are here for you to spoil.

  2. Offsite Adoption Helpers

    This could be the day made in heaven when a family falls in love with the angel that you are showing for adoption at Walmart, Petco, the Mall at Robinson, or other places that we visit. The people we meet often give us donations, too!

  3. Help in our Office

    Wonderful people have heard about us and now it's up to our volunteer angels in the office to give some heavenly help, answering the phone, typing on our computer and many other jobs.

  4. Newsletter Help

    Our "Angel Pet Gazette" brings our angelic happenings to thousands of people. We need designers, writers, typists and those that can do all of the other jobs that get the good word about Angel Ridge into the community.

  5. Kennel Helpers

    Our pets just can't wait to see the angel volunteers who bring them fresh food and water, and a hug and pat each day.

  6. Grass Cutting and Clean-ups

    Our angels run and play on over ten acres of ground, and grass really does grow under their paws. Grass cutting and clean-ups in the condos and exercise yards is a big one!

  7. Adoption Helpers

    Meet and greet the visitors to Angel Ridge, acquaint them with our angels and be the special one who sends an angel home with their loving new family.

  8. Website

    Our website tells our angelic tale to our entire country! This is where many of our happy endings begin. Website maintenance is key to our angelic mission.

  9. Fundraising and Special Events

    Lots of Angel Ridge events and fun times are planned. Help Wanted! Organizers, ticket sellers, workers, cooks and bakers would be heaven sent. You won't be disappointed.

  10. Builders of Our Dream Place

    Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is truly a work in progress. We are continually building new amenities and repairing the older ones. We need carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and other energetic people to help make this a Dream Place for our angels.

  11. Hitchin' a Ride With You

    We need drivers who can take our angels to vet and grooming appointments and off site adoptions. Sometimes, we can use a hand picking up donated pet food.

  12. Foster Homes

    Loving foster homes are essential to our mission. An angel may need a quiet place to heal for a few weeks after surgery or one of our angels may need to experience the warm love of a family in order to become ready to be adopted into a permanent home. If you can, please call and tell us that you can be that special home when one of our angels is in need of one.