Lucy's the sweetest little dog - completely housebroken, knows some basic comments, waits patiently for food, sleeps through the night (next to one of us, we take turns sleeping on the couch with her lead around our arm so she can't chase the cats), looks up at us for directions, and likes everyone she meets -  We gave her a bath today and she's three shades lighter in color! We are monitoring her walking.  Two 15 minute walks a day is about all she can handle.  We have previcox to give her, if needed.  We liked to take her to our Vet this week for a second opinion on her ACL tears.  Our adopting her has nothing to do with her medical issues, we are simply making sure our cats are at least semi-okay about the new addition before we make the final commitment.  As you all know, cats only accept change on their own terms and in their own time frames.  We realized that and aren't pushing the cats. So far 3 of the 4 cats hide in the basement during the day.  We think they come upstairs at night & check out Lucy as she sleeps on the couch.  The 4th cat has been okay with it all, Lucy touched noses with that cat today and attempted to sniff her butt before the cat dashed off.  We took that as a positive sign of pack behavior.  And we hope the other 3 will come along. 

Lucy's ACL problems make her more endearing to us.  We are softies for animals with special needs (2 of our 4 cats are special needs). We know most folks can't or won't spend the time and money it takes for them.  That's why we're working so hard to make it work with our cats. Jan's upstairs at the moment the Lucy and I'm in the basement with one cat on my lap, petting a second cat & trying to write this email with one hand!!

Note-I would've included Sandy on this email but not sure which is hers from the string of emails.

Our best regards to all, Jan Beaumariage & Sue Brawdy

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