Shadow (Sal) & Onyx

Hi barb- they love the cat condo and have been doing great.   They have been very affectionate and adjusted very well.   They play like crazy with each other- very funny...will never have to worry about the nap in the carpet- they do a good job of keeping  it fluffed.  

We actually got a large fluffy bed which we put in a crate and they sleep hugging each other.  I renamed sal to shadow because he follows me everywhere.   He's been like medicine for me and I think he knows it.  I've never seen a cat sleep on its back but he does and it's funny because he does that in the crook of my arm.  

I've switched their food to pro plan by the vets recommendation.  No more vomiting!  Shadow/sal feels like he is gaining weight so we want to keep that under control.   They both let me clean their ears!

We love them and they are very good with strangers too.  I think they appreciate our home and in a way- we saved each other.


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