Hello there Rescue Angels!

I just wanted to send a quick email about LaLa, formerly known as Vanna. She is doing wonderfully!!! She's grown--a lot--and now weighs about 65 or 70 lbs. My baby is all growed up! 

Her adult coat is darker than her puppy coat, it's a beautiful dark honey red color, and we couldn't imagine life without our smooshy red puppers. :) Her sister Hattie is her best friend, they snuggle and play and follow each other around all day, and of course, 10-lb Hattie is the boss! LaLa is not a natural hunting dog, she is still skittish about stuff, except for cats and squirrels, and usually lets Hattie protect her when it comes to bugs, birds, litter, leaves, sticks, or the big bad vacuum or blender monsters. We are working on it though :) She sits very politely, sings on command, gives kisses, and shakes hands (well, paws) quite nicely--and she is an absolute Daddy's girl still. Doggie daycare has been amazing for her, she goes every once in a while (she gets a little too loud if she gets too overwhelmed or tired) and of course loves her walks--so much to smell!

Thank you all so much for the chance to bring her home and make her part of our family, we really can't believe what a wonderful girl she is, and we cherish every minute with her!

I've attached some pictures, more can be found on her Facebook page (LaLa Feldmann), along with videos!

Best Wishes,

Sam (and Dave, and LaLa, and Hattie)


(Click on image for larger viewing)