Max ( update)

Max has been with us for about 6 weeks and I'm happy to say he is much calmer now than he was when he arrived!  Still working on his relationship with the cats.  Poor guy...he can't understand why they wouldn't want to be pals. 

Max and I start our obedience class on Sunday.  I had an orientation and the teacher had a lot of great ideas and helped me see the importance of keeping his mind active.  He has learned to sit, give a paw, and come inside when called.  He is gentler with our kids. 

We also decided to put him in Camp Bow Wow once or twice a week so he can play with other dogs because he is so social.  He did great on his first day and they said he's welcome back any time. 

He loves jumping in the car to go on adventures with us.  He enjoys taking hikes on the trails in the parks.  Walks around the neighborhood are a little more difficult.  There are other dogs everywhere and he still goes wild when he sees them.

He is quite the snuggler.  In fact, he is sleeping next to me right now.  I think he fits in nicely with our family.  As my son said, "Max is the best dog ever!" 

Now, back to reading the book Faye recommended..."The Other End of the Leash"...

Here are some recent pictures!

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