Taylor (now Angel)

We would love if you put it on your site!  She is truly an Angel!  She makes us smile everyday.  We have a major case of puppy love!  :-)

Just wanted to give you an update on Taylor.  We have renamed her Angel.  She is the sweetest girl!  Her favorite activity is to cuddle and takes naps with me!  She loves our evening walks and is such a great addition to our family!  I can't say enough good things about her!  She plays for hours with our Cheyenne and Wally our 10 year old shepherd husky mix, is acting like a puppy again!  She has no problems with our cats and will even curl up and sleep with them!  My mom stopped over with her chihuahuas and Angel was a perfect lady with them despite their barking and growling at her.  She has had absolutely no accidents in the house and she sits patiently while I fix her dinner or when I give her a treat.  She is perfect.
So, thank you for letting us give her a forever home.  You deserve a billion thank you's for doing what you do for our four legged friends.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Bethany Kubena-Stajduhar

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