Binx and Princess

I recently adopted these precious cats.  They have brought me so much joy since I brought them home.  Binx was acclimated to his new home w/in a matter of a few days.  He is very loveable!  He likes everyone! He loves to eat, especially the canned wet food. He would eat everything if I would let him! He's my snuggle fur baby!  A week later, I adopted Princess.  She was extremely scared.  With in 5 minutes of meeting Binx, she was following him everywhere.  He really brought her out of her shell and w/in one week she is 90% back to normal.  She and I are getting closer every day.  Hopefully soon, she will let me pet her and snuggle with me. I never doubted for one moment adopting either one of them.  I love them both very much, and am so grateful they are both in my life! 

Thank you Angel Ridge for your wonderful facility! 


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