Belle 2016 / Adopted 2006

While volunteering at the recent Hearts and Paws pet fair, I stopped by to visit the Angel Ridge booth.  I began to tell them Belle's story, and they suggested that I email you and tell you too.
It was ten and a half years ago, and my husband and I stopped at Petco to buy cat food.
Upon entering the store, we were greeted by an Angel Ridge Volunteer, who had "Lorrie," a shepherd mix.  We immediately fell in love with this one year old, who in her short life, had already known suffering.  Her so called owners had moved, and left her and her newborn pups to die.  By the time that the Angels at Angel Ridge found her, one pup had already perished.  The good news was that they had found homes for the pups, but they still needed to find a home for "Lorrie"
We adopted "Lorrie", and re named her Belle.  She's now eleven and a half, and such a beautiful and gentle creature!
I want to thank the Angels at Angel Ridge for all that you do, and I know that there is a place in heaven for each and every one of you.
Thank you for reading Belle's story!

Brenda McMinn