Our Gathering of Guardian Angels at Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

Angels at Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

We are deaf, blind, old, crippled and weak,
Confused, scared, uncertain and meek.
Once starved, neglected, beaten, cast off or over-bred;
At last we have food, shelter, veterinary care and a warm bed.

No longer do we have the fear of being euthanized,
Respect, love, kindness and health are now realized.
Freedom from being trapped in cages and tied out;
It&s a much happier life we now lead, without a doubt.

We are finally at a truly no-kill sanctuary, safe and sound;
Angel Ridge surpasses any abusive home, shelter or pound.
Some of us may eventually be adopted, some won't.
But, if you're feeling sorry for us, please don't.

Our forever home will be Angel Ridge Animal Rescue,
Where we will feel joy and we won't be blue.
"Guardian Angel" we hope you'll be,
It will make you feel good - it's a guarantee!

Yours truly,
The "Angels" in the Guardian Angel program

Please join.... Our Gathering of Guardian Angels

At a rescue and sanctuary, our mission is to provide shelter and care to animals in need and to attempt to find them loving, forever homes. We have always opened our doors to the neediest animals.

In our facility today we have dogs that have been forced to live outside on a chain, sleeping in their own feces. We have old dogs that were abandoned by their families. Recently we accepted many dogs with mange and other severe skin conditions, lyme and heartworm disease, and severe parasite infestation. Not long ago, sweet beagle Gracie came to us from a high skill shelter. We learned that she has diabetes and needs insulin for the rest of her life.

Our cat rescues come to us with similar problems. Kitty Mickey has chronic eye problems and will need medication for the rest of his life. What we have learned over the years is that with time, the love of our volunteers and proper veterinary care, a family will eventually meet them, fall in love, and take them home. THIS IS WHERE OUR GUARDIAN ANGELS COME IN TO HELP.

Our veterinary bills and medicines average approximately $25,000 per year. The sponsorship of our Guardian Angels has helped us tremendously to pay these bills. We previously assigned one of our animals in need to a Guardian Angel sponsor. We would like to change this concept to establish the “Gathering of Guardian Angels” so that your contribution can be used to assist many of our special angels in need.

Current Guardian Angel sponsors will automatically be enrolled in the Gathering of Guardian Angels. Our website will have a new page so that you can follow the life of many of our animals that are being helped. The annual sponsorship will remain at $200 per year, or $50 paid quarterly. Please consider becoming an Angel for the Gathering of Guardian Angels. Complete the Guardian Angel form here to become a Guardian Angel. Some of our special needs animals are shown on this page. God Bless!





Goldie - what a fitting name for the cat with a golden coat, and a golden heart.

Goldie spent his early years hanging around with the outdoor colony at Angel Ridge. The outdoor life wasn’t always kind to him. Time and harsh weather showed on his crinkled ears. He would let you get close, but never close enough. The volunteers never imagined that we would be able to pet him. We took a chance and brought our outdoor colony inside, and they all adapted wonderfully, Goldie included.  Although he was shy at first, the cat that we couldn’t get near would eventually allow us to pet his belly and touch his adorable little toes. He could always be found snuggling with his best buddy, Midnight. If he would go too far out of sight, Goldie would cry out for him.  Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Midnight about a year ago. We were all so worried that Goldie would be lost without him. Thankfully after some time he adjusted and made friends with another long term resident. Goldie was a calm, sweet soul. Never made a fuss. One of his favorite activities was sun bathing. He always looked so peaceful soaking up the sun’s warmth. Some may say he never had a home to call his own, but Angel Ridge was truly his home. We only wish that we would have had more time. The volunteers loved and adored him as their own. We’re sure that Midnight was there to greet him at the Rainbow Bridge, but it didn’t make our goodbyes any easier. A piece of our hearts left when he did. We miss his sweet face and relaxing purrs. Rest In Peace our golden boy. 


Mickey, Not Giving Up

Mickey is one of our oldest cats at 12 plus years. Previously he was diagnosed with calicivirus which impacted his eyes which we continue to treat. In 2017 he was having trouble eating and drooling. A Vet visit determined he needed an extensive dental . After recovering in a loving foster home, Mickey continues to have some residual issues which are being treated.

He is a volunteer favorite and is such a sweet boy.


Midnight, a/k/a Middie, Our Care Kept Him Going

Midnight, a senior cat at 12 plus years, was FIV positive and lived a heathy life untillast year. Middie gradually stopped eating and was throwing up more. We gave him fluids and supportive care, but to no avail. So we took him to the Vet where it was determined he was in liver failure. We had to let him go. It was a very sad day for the volunteers as well as his best friend, Goldie.


Samson is a 6 month old loving boy currently in foster.

He was born outside and he lived on chicken feed and raw eggs. He needed surgery and must be on special food. His condition is chronic and needs monitored daily.


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