Darla, An Amazing Survivor

Darla’s life so far has been sheer hell. An animal abuser, perhaps a dog fighter, cut off her ears. She is a young dog, but it appears that she has had more than one litter of puppies. She came to us with open sores around her neck, possibly from a chain or an embedded collar. Darla had a hard, malignant tumor on her lower abdomen. She is also heartworm positive. Yet, she greets each new day with a boundless sense of joy.

Darla has become one of the all-time favorite dogs of our volunteer group. She is also one of the most loving dogs that we have ever taken in to our rescue. She licks your hand as if to say, “I am so grateful to you, you saved me.” We blink back our tears and think, “Sweet girl, you have such a long road ahead of you, but we will walk it together.”

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