Our New Angel in Heaven

The same animal control officer that brought us Keller also brought us an older, emaciated Husky that was found alone in the cold in late December.

Our volunteers named this sweet girl, Angel. With our attention and good food, Angel gained some weight and we put her on the website for adoption. We noticed that when she attempted to urinate, it was frequent but in small dribbles. Our veterinarian put her on a medication for a urinary tract infection. Angel’s medication just did not seem to be working. Our veterinarian x-rayed her, and it showed a large bladder stone. Angel was prepped for surgery to remove the stone.

However, our veterinarian discovered a new and bigger issue as she prepared to remove the bladder stone. Several mammarian tumors had developed on her abdomen. Angel would not be able to beat this aggressive form of cancer. We made the decision to free our dear Angel from her suffering and allow her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet again some day.

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