Blind, Old and Freezing on the Streets

An animal control officer from Washington County brought us an old and blind Miniature Pinscher that he found wandering the streets during the frigid weather just days after Christmas. Keller was old and blind, frightened, emaciated and dehydrated. Keller was very close to dying. Our veterinarian examined this poor dog. He was immediately put on multiple medications for infections and he was prescribed IV fluids. He was also put on a special diet for weight gain and liver issues. This protocol worked so well for him. Our volunteers witnessed Keller coming back to life again.

A kind lady offered to foster Keller until he might be adopted. Within a few weeks, Keller was neutered and three teeth were removed and the rest were cleaned.

Then, miracle of miracles – Keller was adopted. This sweet dog now knows that no matter what cruelty he has experienced during his lifetime, he is now safe and loved. Dear contributors, through your generous donations, we are able to help animals in desperate need like Keller.

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