Goldie - what a fitting name for the cat with a golden coat, and a golden heart.

Goldie spent his early years hanging around with the outdoor colony at Angel Ridge. The outdoor life wasn’t always kind to him. Time and harsh weather showed on his crinkled ears. He would let you get close, but never close enough. The volunteers never imagined that we would be able to pet him. We took a chance and brought our outdoor colony inside, and they all adapted wonderfully, Goldie included.  Although he was shy at first, the cat that we couldn’t get near would eventually allow us to pet his belly and touch his adorable little toes. He could always be found snuggling with his best buddy, Midnight. If he would go too far out of sight, Goldie would cry out for him.  Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Midnight about a year ago. We were all so worried that Goldie would be lost without him. Thankfully after some time he adjusted and made friends with another long term resident. Goldie was a calm, sweet soul. Never made a fuss. One of his favorite activities was sun bathing. He always looked so peaceful soaking up the sun’s warmth. Some may say he never had a home to call his own, but Angel Ridge was truly his home. We only wish that we would have had more time. The volunteers loved and adored him as their own. We’re sure that Midnight was there to greet him at the Rainbow Bridge, but it didn’t make our goodbyes any easier. A piece of our hearts left when he did. We miss his sweet face and relaxing purrs. Rest In Peace our golden boy. 

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