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Mar 27, 2014

Whitey and Shadow

Whitey and Shadow need to find a home quickly

The foster mom who has taken care of them for the past year and a half is moving and can not take them with her.  They are social and loving cats.

Whitey is blind in one eye. 

If you are able to foster them or give them a forever home or have questions please contact E

merald at 724-255-5891

Mar 15, 2014

A Big Thank You to the William Penn Elementary School Students of the Elizabeth Forward School District

The students of the William Penn Elementary School conducted a donation drive for the animals of our rescue. A total of $632 was collected. Wow! A box of collars and other supply donations were collected, too. The students elected to direct $400 of their donation to sponsor senior cat, Bailey, and hound in need, Valentino. The students received a certificate of appreciation and framed photos of their angels. We are so grateful and impressed. God bless!

Mar 8, 2014

2014 Pittsburgh Marathon Fundraiser

Here's a little about me, my family, and why I run...

My name is Deana Boggs and I love cats. I really am a "cat lady" and I am not ashamed of it. I live with my family in Oakdale in a beautiful old farmhouse...well, there are actually 2 families that live here..mine with my Fiancee and my children, and the feral cat family that I care for. My feral cats literally came with the house, lol....and we treat them like family....along with our 3 indoor cats who are all rescues: Taffy, a 13 year old tortie was a shelter rescue as well as Ziggy our 6 year old gray and white tuxedo shorthair...and Laya, my 3 year old feral rescue who I have cared for since she was 6 weeks old. ALL of our cats are VERY well cared for and I want to help make sure that other families who care for ferals have the same opportunities that I have been blessed with...abundant food, shelter, and care for all cats..and all animals big and small.

I've been running 5K races for many years, and this year I'm ready to make the BIG jump to the Pittsburgh Half Marathon...but I also want to give back...the greatest satisfaction that I get from running isn't a "good time" or "completing a difficult course"'s helping those in matter if they have hand and feet or paws and fur! My older children are avid runners as well they are learning endurance, patience, and kindness through running...that itself is also a great reward.  (click on this link to donate)

Feb 26, 2014

VALENTINO / Fund Raiser

Update on Valentino

  Today Val had his neuter surgery and eight very infected teeth removed. One of his testicles had not dropped from his abdomen, so it was a complicated surgery. Val has been on strong antibiotics for two months for the infection in his mouth, but there was still significant infection there today when the vet removed the teeth. 
  He is in our adoption trailer run and still pretty out of it. There are five more teeth to be removed. The vet proposes that when his neuter stitches are taken out in two weeks, he can have surgery again for these five teeth. This was a big ordeal for Val. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to foster mom, Cindy Coupe, for her incredible work with Val since his arrival here. 

Left out in the cold to die, Valentino an older hound, was found freezing and starved in Greene County on Valentine's Day. He needs two surgeries which will cost $750.00. He must fight an infection and gain weight (he only weights 45 lbs.) before he can have the surgery. Valentino has gained about 7 pounds since we rescued him on February 14, 2014.   He is the need need of extensive dental surgery and also has a complicated neutering surgery.  We are waiting for the results of his blood work before we can proceed with his surgeries. Valentino is going to be fostered by one of our volunteers before and after his medical procedures. Please help us to pay his vet bill. Your contribution is tax deductible. Please send to Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, PO Box 94, Meadowlands, PA 15347 or use can use PAY PAL located on the website @
Thank you and God Bless!

Feb 12, 2014

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Jan 18, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity



Do you love Cats?

Do you have 2-4 hours each week to volunteer?

Would you like to spend that time playing and cuddling with cats and kittens?

Angel Ridge has wonderful cats that need to find their forever families.

We have an opportunity for our cats to be seen each day at the Washington Petco. 

However, we need volunteers to make this happen.

Please contact Barb Brown, Angel Ridge Cat Volunteer for more information: 412-334-0924

For pictures of our available cats:

Angel Ridge brings cats to Washington Petco the 3rd Saturday each month from 12-3 pm.

Apr 10, 2013

Spay / Neuter Information

Spay/Neuter Clinic - Penn Hills:  Low Cost spay/neuter package at all times. 
Location:  11675 Frankstown Road, Penn Hills 15235  Phone:  412-244-1202

Homeless Cat Managemen - Tarentum: Low cost spay/neuter clinics for ferals and domestic cats on Saturday/Sunday dates.  412-321-4060 option#4

Animal Rescue League - East Liberty: Offers low cost spay/neuter clinics on specific dates.

Apr 9, 2013

Tree of Hope

Open Your Heart To An Animal In Need

Your monetary donation in honor of a loved one or in memory of one who has passed will keep our Angels happy and healthy and will also help us pay our expenses. Our Angels Tree of Hope will hold a heart ornament, with name inscribed, for each of the loved ones – human or pet – that you remember this very special way. A card will be sent indicating that a donation has been made in honor or in memory of your loved one. This card can either be sent to your  loved one or to you. 

A $25 gift provides basic vaccinations for all incoming animals.

A $50 gift will enable us to buy a Kuranda dog bed.

A $75 gift will pay for a spay or neuter.

A $100 gift will keep our lights on for a month in our rescue office.

A $200 gift will provide dog food for our dogs for one week.

A $500 gift will enable us to pay for an emergency surgery for a rescue dog that has been hit by a car or has another serious injury.

For a form, go to:

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